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Sacred Seasons Subscription Box

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Experience the Beauty of Faith with Sacred Seasons: Liturgical Catholic Decor, Delivered.

Bring the many celebrations of the Catholic faith into your home with our monthly subscription box. Each carefully curated box has a liturgically relevant theme, bringing your family a beautiful blend of Catholic decor that will enrich your every day prayer life.

How it works:

Choose your preferred display size and the length of your subscription period, and your welcome box will be shipped within 2-4 business days. Each welcome box includes the interchangable base, a Mother Mary figurine, and Mary’s classic blue background. After that, you’ll begin receiving your monthly decor box within the first week of each month!

What you’ll get:

  1. Liturgically Themed Catholic Decor: Celebrating the feast days, holidays, and liturgical seasons of the Catholic church has never been easier. With our unique displays, you can effortlessly change the theme of your decor simply by swapping the background. Each month’s decor box will include at least 2 new backgrounds for your acrylic display stand that will coordinate with liturgical themes.

  2. Prayer Cards: Enrich your spiritual journey and get the whole family involved; a beautifully designed prayer card will align with the month's focus.

Why Choose Sacred Seasons:

  • Convenience: Trying to plan your decor and prayer life for every Catholic holiday, Catholic feast day, and liturgical season can be daunting! Sacred Seasons takes care of it all for you, delivering everything you need to your doorstep each month.

  • Quality: Our products are crafted with precision and care, ensuring that each item enhances your living space and domestic church.

  • Education: Even cradle Catholics still have lots to learn! Explore the diversity of Catholic traditions and liturgical themes throughout the year, creating a dynamic and evolving expression of your faith. 

Join Us on this Spiritual Journey:

Sacred Seasons invites you to bring the beauty of liturgy into your daily life. Subscribe now and let each month unfold a new chapter of faith, connection, and inspiration. Bring Catholicism into your home decor, deepen your family prayer life, and celebrate the sacred seasons with us.

Sacred Seasons: Liturgical Catholic Decor, Delivered. Your Faith, Your Home, Our Inspiration.

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