Six women, military spouses, of various races stand with arms around each other, gazing at the American flag

How to Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a little known holiday in the civilian world, but one that absolutely deserves recognition! Read on to learn about this special day, and scroll to the bottom to download our free "Spouses Serve Too" print.

Celebrated in the US on the Friday prior to Mother's Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day was instated in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan to recognize the important role of military spouses.

Military spouses support their partners in times of peace and war, endure long deployments, frequent relocations, and countless challenges while managing the household, raising children, and trying to hold down a career themselves. The emotional support provided to their service members is priceless. And no, they didn't know what they were signing up for.

So how can we support and celebrate these unsung heroes? Here are a few ways!

  1. Send a card, or even just a text: One way to show your appreciation is by sending a heartfelt card or a care package to a military spouse. Honestly - even just a text recognizing the military spouse in your life can go a long way! Military life can be very isolating - aside from the physical distance that the military can put between loved ones, civilians can't always relate to the lifestyle. Let your favorite military spouse know you are thinking of him/her.
  2. Cook a meal or offer to babysit: Military spouses often have to manage everything on their own, including taking care of children and household chores. Offering to cook a meal or babysit for a few hours can give them a much-needed break and show your support.
  3. Shop from military spouse owned or military affiliated businesses! According to the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce, 48% of military spouses are self-employed, or aspire to be. By shopping from military spouse vendors, you are directly supporting their families and careers. Wondering where to find them? One easy place is Spouse-ly! Founded by military spouse Monica Fullerton, Spouse-ly is an e-commerce platform where anyone can shop, but only verified military families can sell. Any purchase from a Spouse-ly shop supports multiple military families. Visit the Sketch + Sentiment Spouse-ly Shop here!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a day to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of military spouses. It is an opportunity to show your support and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of military families. No matter what you choose, every gesture counts in showing your appreciation for military spouses.

Bonus! We're offering our "Spouses Serve Too" print as a free download. This would be a great gift to remind the military spouse in your life that we are all in this together! Download here.

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