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Sketch + Sentiment

Memento Mori Spider Web Crew Neck

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"Memento mori" is a Latin phrase that translates to "remember that you will die." It is meant to remind us of the importance of contemplating one's mortality and living life in a way that will get us to heaven. 

During Halloween, Catholics incorporate "memento mori" into their observances by reflecting on the themes of death, resurrection, and the afterlife. This can be seen in traditions such as the commemoration of All Souls' Day on November 2nd, where Catholics remember and pray for the souls of the departed. Rather than being solely a time for frights and fun, Catholic Halloween celebrations carry a deep spiritual significance, contemplating the hope of eternal salvation through faith in Christ.


  • T-shirts are 100% cotton
  • Sweatshirts are 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Customer Reviews

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Maria H.
Adorable Sweater

I really like this sweater. It was great for Halloween and November. It is fun to see who just sees the spider and who reads the words and asked about them. The quality is good too and I was plenty warm wearing it