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Sketch + Sentiment

Al Dhafra Air Base Ornament

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Put your journey on display with our collectible military base ornaments! Lightweight, durable, and easy to pack - these are the perfect gift for the military family on the move. 


  • 2.75" in diameter
  • gloss white coated aluminum
  • red satin ribbon included
  • 1 sided: design on the front, stainless steel on the back
  • 2 sided: the same design on front & back


Are you ordering a 2-sided ornament with interest in customizing the back with names and/or dates? Add our customization listing here.

New Military Base

Are you looking for a military base that is not yet in our collection? Reserve your new military base ornament here.

    Customer Reviews

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    Angela B.
    It came out great. The artwork is cute too...

    It came out great. The artwork is cute too! We have memories associated with deployment in ADAB, so this was a very sentimental ornament to have on our tree this year. Thank you!